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  1. Hi Ben,
    Thanks for all your great gear reviews! I’m looking at the MindShift Gear BackLight 26L Backpack and wondering if you think I could fit a fiesol 3442 inside (18.9”)?

    The fiesol is about 1cm longer than the Davis & Sanford TR654C-36 (18.5”) that I believe you were using in your review.

    Based on the numbers, it looks like the tripod should fit, but I was just hoping to confirm before buying.

    I put the two links below. Thanks so much for any info you can provide.



    • David,
      Thanks for the kind words! Obviously I haven’t used that feisol so I can’t say for sure. From my review on the backlight with the other options I had on hand I think it would be very tight but will probably fit. “Fit” will come down to how much you want to work to get it in and out of the bag each time. The longer two options of the 4 I was using were 18.25″ and they needed help to get into the bag. The shorter options dropped right into that slot if that makes sense. Being that 1/2″ longer will make it take even more effort to slide it into the bag… Personally (without trying) I might guess that that could be a PITA long term but again it’ll come down to how you feel about the effort required and the extra time that will take. It’ll be tight/snug. Maybe you can buy the parts somewhere with a good return policy?
      Good Luck, and I’d love to know how it works out!

  2. Hi Ben,
    I have come across your website as I perused the web looking for inspiration about where to take my photography next. I appreciate the range and quality of your images. I am a hobbyist photographer living in New Zealand.
    I have been shooting with an A6000 and mainly a 16-70 F4, but have been frustrated by the comparative lack of quality of Sony’s APS-C lens, especially for landscape work. I see that you have been using both a 16-35 and 70 – 300 lens, and that you use the telephoto on both your 6300 and the A7RmkII. Can you use the 70-300 on either of those cameras without a lens tripod mount for tripod shots? I am beginning to wonder if I just need to bite the bullet and go FF!

    • Peter,
      Thanks for the note. Not sure why I didn’t see it until now… Sorry! The 16-70 and 10-18mm are both amazing aps-c landscape lenses. The 70-300 is an amazing lens on any sony body. It’s smallish and compact enough I can easily hand hold it on either body. I’ve always liked 70-300 lenses and have owned the canon version (L) and tamrons etc but this sony seems to be one of the better versions I’ve used. I wouldn’t go FF for just landscape but the a7rii is a step up in IQ. It’s just a question of it being worth it as you need to upgrade all your lenses too.
      Good Luck!

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