I am a father, husband, skier, sailor and photographer, just about in that order.  My interest in photography was first peaked in high school when I took my first course.  From there I went on to get a degree in photography just because that was the easiest way to have access to a darkroom.  I’ve been shooting what I’m doing the entire time, but because I enjoy the outdoors so much, landscape and travel photography are my primary subjects.  As a father (twice now!) I am now also working on my people skills, so you’ll see shots of my family on the blog quite often.  But my love is landscape photography.  I love getting out in the mornings before the sun is up, finding an amazing location and watching Mother Nature put on her best show.  For me landscape photography is about capturing the right light in the right location, and it’s much more about setting an alarm than having the right gear.

As you read this site, you’ll also notice I post a lot about NSOP or newschoolofphotography.com.  That’s a photography forum I run.  I love teaching people about photography.  Please check that site out and join if you’d like to learn.  Also feel free to ask me any questions you’d like or take one of my workshops.  I try not to be too obsessive about gear, but it’s hard not to talk about it when you’re using it as often as I do.  For that reason I also do gear reviews of the products I own myself.  I’m also an affiliate with a few photography business, so if you see banner ads or links in my reviews, they’re most likely affiliated and there only to help me support this site and my ability to do reviews.

Aside from this site, there are a number of other places where you can follow what I’m currently up to. If you want the latest and greatest news about what’s happening, you’re most likely to find it via one of the links below:

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  1. hi there, loving your photos, especially lansdcape shots, the lee filter system you’re using for the 72mm thread of the 10-24mm, is it standard 72mm adapter or ultra wide or anything?

    • I’m using the wide Lee adapter. Not sure if it’s needed but I prefer them. I’m also using a xume setup on top of that so it’s magnetized and can come on/off easily in order to make it easy to stash the smaller lens in a bag.

    • I’m using Xume magnetic rings on the lens at 72mm and then a Lee 72mm wide angle adapter. You get a tiny bit of vignetting in the top corners only (which is weird and suggests the lens isn’t centered…) with the xume setup, but the Lee ring is so massive on the smaller fuji lens that the trade off is worth it. The vignette is gone by ~11mm.

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