Arca compatible holster solution:

If you’re an L-bracket user looking to use a holster as well, you know this isn’t an easy problem to solve.  If you put the holster pin or plate or button onto your L-bracket it takes valuable space from your clamp.  It also makes the camera unbalanced when you set it down on a flat surface.  Cotton Carrier actually sell the kirk clamp linked below for their application (but charge $59 for it -vs- $40 from B&H).  I’ve solved the problem by using the smallest kirk screw clamp they sell at 1″ wide.  I then replaced the thumb screw with a hex head screw for a lower profile and drilled and tapped a 1/4-20 hole on the other side.  You’ll only need to do the second part if you want to use a spider pin.  For the cotton carrier you thread their “button” into the bottom threaded hole on the clamp.  Here are the parts for this:

As I said earlier, you just replace the thumb screw with the one linked above for a lower profile.  If you’re a spider user you drill then tap a hole for their pin on the opposite side.  Then just clamp this clamp onto your L-bracket where needed and you’ve got a spider pin with enough room left on your bracket to use your clamp.  Check out the video as it’s pretty obvious how everything works there.


3 thoughts on “Arca compatible holster solution:

    • Capture is great when you’re really active and want the camera to behave. Spider is better any other time. The cotton carrier is my least favorite unless I need access to the camera on my chest (which does happen). Each have their place but it’s a pita dealing with three systems.

  1. The Capture plate is better mounted directly to the L-bracket than with the QRC-1 in the middle. It’s cleaner, quicker, easier, and since it’s an Arca-type dovetail it can stay in place for tripod use. This may be all I need for my type of shooting. The EM-5 hangs nicely from a shoulder strap too.

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