PAD 2008!

Well I’m working on yet another PAD this year.  For those that don’t know what that is, it’s a Photo A Day.  If you haven’t noticed, up top there is a page for it.  If you go in there you’ll see this years PAD on top, and last years under it.  I’ve tried this 2 other times and have yet to finish one.  In 2006 I broke my pelvis the second week, so that slowed me down a bit…  Last year I was just too busy and lost interest.  This year, I’m even busier, but I’ve started my own photography forum (free plug goes here: and a bunch of us over there are all trying to do this together.  It should help, as we’ll all get motivated by everyone else to keep shooting and keep posting.  My other PADs failed because you start this in January when there’s 8 hours of daylight and I’m at work for them…  I know the baby will help a lot when he gets here in March, so I’m just pushing myself to get one shot a day until then.  Here’s the forum for JUST PAD posts.  This years gallery is at the bottom, and will be linked at the Photo.A.Day page on the top.

2008 PAD:

here are the 2 failed attempts,  first 2007:

and 2006:

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