Merry Keysmas!

We went down to the Keys to visit my parents for the week immediately after Christmas.  It was a great trip!


Florida Thoughts:

  • small RRS tripod was great, head off fit inside carry-on bag easily.
  • lowepro carry-on bag was too tall for overhead on last flight (American Eagle ERJ-145 / ER4).  Jet but with 2 by 1 seats and single front to back bins…  NEED TO MODIFY THE BOTTOM OF BAG!
  • didn’t use anything except zooms.  bring ONE wide prime, 24-105 and 100-400 (with a6300 on it).
  • bringing the computer is a PITA, not worth it.
  • bringing the drone is a PITA but it did get good images
  • shot both bracketed and filtered shots, I’ll see how they process…
  • TCs on the 100-400 wouldn’t have helped, the light was too low when needed and the a7riii was already having AF issues w/o any
  • strap on the 100-400 was great, would have been nice to have a second strap at content key since I wouldn’t set anything down (wet sand everywhere).
  • need a hard drive just for Elias’ footage…

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