2017 Recap!

2017 was another great year for me photographically!  I shot a lot of architecture this year (which I don’t share much if at all on the blog).  I didn’t shoot a single wedding (something I miss, at least as a second shooter).  We went to Iceland as a family which was a new challenge photographically.  I also shot the J world Championships which showed me I want to get more into regatta photography in 2018.  I also dipped my toe in the bird/wildlife waters getting a few good shots with my longer lenses, another genre I’ll be getting more into in 2018.  Nikki and I went to Block for our Anniversary but I got my favorite image of the year with her on our actually anniversary and it’s already printed and hung in the house!  It’s also the first image of North light I’ve made that I really love and it’s my favorite of the Rhode Island lighthouses.  I also completed a project I’ve been thinking about for about 5 years now, shooting all 21 RI lighthouses in one day (24 hours).  All in all it was a great year, here are my favorites!


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