IJJ update 37!


Yes, I know I’m waaaaay behind on family updates…. Believe it or not, since leaving work, I’ve been MORE busy with my photography and forum and all the other projects I’m working on to try to make this whole thing work out…  It’s been a ton of fun honestly, but it’s meant some of my personal projects have been getting less than the attention they deserve.  The kids are doing great.  Elias learned to ski this “winter”.  Bella got to go with us in the backpack for a few runs before they kicked us out for liability reasons (they were afraid someone would hit me).  Bella is crawling like a champ, eating real food, almost walking and getting into WAY more trouble than her brother ever did at this age.  Still no teeth though.  Elias got a bike for his birthday and has been learning how to ride it.  Oh, and I turned 34!!!

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