Happy Birthday Bella!!!

Isabella is one today.  Actually, it’s in just about an hour now…  What a year it’s been.  She’s changed our lives and in such a good way.  Yes it’s more hectic and crazy at times, but she’s so worth it!  Nikki’s got her mini her in Bella just like I have one in Elias now.  She’s really getting big now, so I went through the last years worth of Isabella updates and pulled out some of my favorite shows.  Enjoy, and Happy Birthday to daddy’s little girl!!!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bella!!!

  1. I love your photo’s! My little angel just turned 10 months old so I can relate to everything you said above the Bella gallery.

    I love your gallery lay out too. Very clean and easy to navigate. Is there a plug in for the display box that opens with “forward” and “back” navigation?

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