2015 Recap

Each year at the end of the year I do a few things photographically…  I make a new LightRoom catalog.  I adjust my watermark to the new year.  And I write a blog post that recaps the year in photos!  2015 was a great year for me photographically.  Unfortunately I shot less family shots but I had an incredible year with landscape and architectural photography.  We also were buried in snow in the beginning of last year which kept the cameras inside a bit more but we were outside enjoying all the snow.  This year I took 12,165 images with four main cameras.  ~5,000 were with the a6000.  ~2100 were with the A7ii which was replaced with the a7rii in the summer which took 3,331 images.  And I shot 831 with my trusty RX1 before losing it…   Here are some of my personal favorites, enjoy!

















Here’s a gallery of some of my personal favorites:

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