2013 Recap

Yes, I do this ever year.  So do most other photographers and bloggers.  So it’s 1/1/2014 and here’s my 2013 year end review post!  I’ve included my favorite image from each month.  No these probably aren’t my 12 best images because that’s too easy!  These are my 12 personal favorite images…  There’s some stats at the bottom as well…

January: I love this shot because it was a pretty simple shot of my son playing around the house but it came out better than expected.



February: This is one of my favorite locations to shoot sunrise.  Beavertail State Park at the south end of Jamestown.  I was able to get way out on the southern rocks and shoot back north at the light thanks to calm seas and a low tide.

02-Canon EOS 5D Mark III-BJP_9735


March: This is one of my all time favorite shots and especially one of my favorite ski shots.  This is Elias at Wachusett.  He learned to ski this past winter and this is one of my favorite shots of him during the process.



April: This is a fun double exposure shot of my son with the second shot being of his favorite toys (his legos).

04-Canon EOS 5D Mark III-BJP_0533


May: This shot was taken the day my Grandmother passed away.  She lived a great long life and I will always remember her.  Shooting landscapes is a way I deal with stresses in my everyday life so it was fitting to get out and shoot the sunset that night.

05-Canon EOS 5D Mark III-BJP_0774-Edit


June: This shot isn’t anything amazing but I had sort of fallen off the wagon on 2013 in terms of shooting landscapes as much as I have in the past.  This is one of my first shots for the year for a normal landscape sunrise and I always love a nice green waterfall shot.



July: I love love LOVE this shot of my wife and son on my parents boat.

07-Canon EOS 5D Mark III-BJP_2657


August: Breaking all traditions here and posting a wedding shot as one of my top 12.  A few reasons for this.  I’m shooting more and more weddings now and starting to really enjoy them.  August was an INSANE month for weddings where I shot 5 in 5 weeks and 2 of those were weddings where I was the primary shooter (and they were back to back).  This is one of my favorite shots from our good friends wedding (Dan and Danielle) in VT where we had a blast!

08-Canon EOS 5D Mark III-BJP_7315


September: This was just a fun shot of the kids at the beach.



October: PhotoExpo is October each year and I always head down early in the morning and shoot NYC at sunrise.




November: My other Grandmother passed away in November and this is the sunrise immediately following me finding out.



December: Here’s my favorite shot from Sakonnet in December.  As you know by now I love lighthouses!

12-Canon EOS 5D Mark III-BJP_4343-Edit


and the numbers for the year?  11,602 images NOT including weddings…


  • 2286 Fuji XE1
  • 2266 5Diii
  • 1792 X100s
  • 1358 Fuji XE2
  • 506 Oly E-PM2
  • 496 X100
  • 117 NEX7


  • 399 8mm fisheye
  • 576 35mm fisheye
  • 99 70-300mm
  • 726 16-35II
  • 222 28mm 1.8
  • 180 70-200 2.8 IS II
  • 375 85mm 1.8
  • 300 pani 20mm 1.8
  • 397 oly 17mm 1.8
  • 196 14mm 2.8 XF
  • 713 18-55mm XF
  • 593 18mm f/2 XF
  • 1036 23mm 1.4 XF
  • 694 35mm 1.4 XF
  • 56 55-200 XF
  • 4633 unknown (gopro and X100/X100s)

So there you have it.  I can obviously learn some things looking at those stats (and usually do).  Hope you enjoyed 2013 as much as I did!  With the new job and having moved at the end of 2012 I didn’t get to shoot quite as much this year as I did the year before.  I’m going to try to turn that around in 2014 though.

2 thoughts on “2013 Recap

  1. I loved your retrospective of the year.. And I only recently heard from Marnie that her mother had passed. I enjoyed the visits I had with
    Her. Your photo shots are great.. You have a lot of energy to shot from sunrise to sunset, sea level to mountain tops. Keep up the good work.

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