Hillmans Highway!

Made it up to Mount Washington/Tuckerman’s Ravine/Hillmans highway last week.  We set out to possibly go all the way to the top with plans to ski the ravine on the way back down.  Avalanche conditions were considerable (3 out of 5) with wind load on frozen slush with zero visibility up high so we went over to Hillman’s instead as it was only “moderate”.  I’d never been over that way before so it was nice skiing something different.  We got a few laps in and had a blast.  The frozen slush actually wasn’t that bad, you could ski it if you HAD to but the new snow was actually quite nice so we cherry picked lines filled with it.  We were also able to make it ~3/4 of the way down the sherburne trail as well which is always a bonus.

My good friend (and fellow MSU grad) David Howland was one of the few crazy enough people I know who’d spend a wednesday night sleeping in the car with me to then hike at dawn and go ski.  He’s also a great photog and snagged these shots of me skiing:

Thanks Dave!

and of course we also stopped at Sabbaday falls on the ride home!

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